Is your landing page entrapping enough traffic?

landing page entrapping

Have you ever wondered why your website is not garnering enough interest it should? Is it affecting your revenue generation? Maybe you should have a look at the conversion funnel and optimize its usage. The idea essential to conversion optimization is to maximally use the traffic you have already paid for. Are you in sync with your customers? If not, try to identify the bottlenecks where your visitors are getting stuck. An effective place to begin with is the landing page of your website.

Understanding the psychology of the customers

What is the purpose of a landing page? It is the window through which the customer gets a first peek of your products. The landing page should be simple with an easy description of the product, its crucial features, and how the customer can benefit from owning your product. The page helps in educating the customer; it should inspire confidence so that the visitor is curious about the other pages.

Choose your words carefully; think about the design, especially little things like actions buttons which might significantly affect user engagement. The visitors who take a first look at the website have zero expectations. It is you who have to understand the needs of the prospective buyers and connect with them emotionally.

Personalized landing page: can account-based marketing help?

Think about a personalized landing page. It is hard to believe, but a personalized page can create an unparalleled user experience. The personalization details can depend on anything like the name of the company, the visitor’s name, ad copies, the historical facts and figures of the company etc. Take the instance of Amazon. When you visit their site, you will automatically find the last browsed categories. The company knows that time is precious, so they will not propose anything that has no interest to you.

With the help of a personalized page, you can actually track down users. You can have them sign in for an account, or put opt-in form behind a valuable content. Once you obtain the information of the users, it is easier to apply the personalization tokens for each customer. A second-time visitor to your site will have all the data about the purchases made, browsing history. In this manner, you save a lot of time for the customer by not suggesting products they have already purchased. To add value to the experience, you can also develop ideas about complementary purchases which might earn the loyalty of a lifetime.

Check your marketing strategies

Retargeting is a common marketing strategy which generates enough enthusiasm among potential customers. It is an ad structure that is used by the businesses both large and small to tap potential customers. If someone is visiting your landing page, finds a product interesting, it will be shown again in a sponsored sidebar in one of the popular social media platforms like Facebook. What is the purpose of this constant emphasis? The more the visitor is reminded of the product, the more likely they will come back and purchase it. Actually, it is a proven fact that this technique has been one of the most effective ROI methods.

Think about the page flow and design

Think about the design of the page. Forget about cluttered menus, and make the navigation as simple as possible. Actions buttons are a must. This will actually instigate the visitors to know more. They will eventually browse through the different categories. Check whether all the links and videos are working properly. If you feel that your customers are having difficulty in navigating the site, you can do a preview with some of your visitors. Ask them to navigate the site. If they are getting stuck somewhere, check that point again! Maybe you need to replace a button. Or simplify the payment method!

The user experience should be flawless so that potential customer has no difficulty in reaching their goal points. Often techniques like Google Analytics helps you to sail through the conversion funnel from the landing page till the end. By tracking the flow, you can actually find out the stage/stages where the potential customers are losing interest. You may try to fix them now!

Authenticity of content

The landing page is a like the trailer of a movie. If it does not inspire interest, the visitors will hardly have any interest for the rest of the pages. The visitors take a leap of faith with this page. So, try to be as authentic as possible. Give attention to details by providing your physical address, phone number email address, and other contact information. Contact details actually increase the legitimacy of the site. If possible, try to incorporate testimonials of some of your customers. This will probably help you to build trust among visitors.

Always remember that you have to be different to be spotted in the crowd! Be innovative, but be honest in your approach, and the visitors are bound to be impressed! Who knows some of your visitors might turn out to be your most loyal customers!