Love or Hate but can’t just deny the New Sensation: POKEMON GO

Pokemon GoRemember John Hanke, the tech explorer who helped shape Google Earth a few years back? The dreamer founded his startup Keyhole in 2001 with a vision to revolutionize the world of Augmented Reality through his own eyes. The brainchild product of this company was the program called Earth Viewer later renamed as Google Earth as the company was acquired by Google for $35 million in 2004. POKEMON GO is just another feather in his cap.

Welcome to the fantasy kingdom where fantasy meets the real world with the legendary free-to-play augmented reality smartphone exploration game Pokémon Go. Mr. Hanke, the mastermind of Ninatic Labs has given a whole new dimension to the gaming industry. You might question the fact that this is not the only science fiction game in the trade of casual gaming that has created such a buzz but we have all the right reasons to prove you wrong.

Find out why:

  • After the release, it was installed (5.16% of all US Android phones) on more Android smartphones in the US than dating app Tinder (2% of all US Android Phones) which is itself Star of the show.(Source: SimilarWeb)
  • It’s estimated to make $1.6 million in revenue every day. (Source: Techcrunch)
  • The addiction adds to the game being played by users for 43 minutes, 23 seconds daily on an average which is higher than the time spent on apps like Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook Messenger. (Source: SimilarWeb)
  • Nintendo has seen more than $9bn (£6.9bn) added to the company’s market value as investors see the huge potential. Seems, the stock market loves the game too like we do. (Source: Pocket-lint)
  • Currently, Spotify has experienced an increase of 362 percent in their streaming of the Pokémon Theme “Gotta Catch ‘Em All” globally. (Source: Pocket-lint)

Who could have thought that monsters could have been so cute? Pokémon, the Pocket Monster has been successful in stealing our hearts since our childhood. Along with other cartoon characters, Pokémon made us glued to TV for hours. Thanks to Digital Age and the Tech Surge that refreshes the love of every Pokémon fan as they get to go out for hunting all the little monsters around the town in AR in this fun game.

The Undeniable Social Experience

Pokémon Go is undoubtedly one of the remarkable game that have been successful in luring smartphone obsessed people around the world to get off their couches and take the fresh breath of air outside while playing the game. In the process of catching all fanatical Pokémon characters here, the social nerds eventually end up meeting complete strangers. This game is so exciting that it gives an excuse to be more active socially and physically. It’s a blessing in disguise for all the socially challenged introverts to take a fat chance at major social engagement. So seek out to new Pokestops and Gyms to play hide and seek with your beloved Pokémon in this fun-frolic game.

Celebrities Struck in Pokémon Fever

The big hype is that the Pokémon Go madness has hit the world of celebrities. The list might surprise you as it includes names like comedian and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon, rapper Wiz Khalifa and who not. So the next time you play around with your Pokémon Trainer Avatar on there is a high chance that you could jump into your favorite celebrities playing next to you. Just a few days back a strange news came up that Popstar Justin Bieber rushed to catch a Gyarados (one type of Pokémon Monster) at Central Park of New York just like hundreds of other players who were too engrossed to take a boo at this famous star. That’s how crazy is this game!

A New Door for Local Entrepreneurs

Local business owners are gorging on this lucrative opportunity as this socially explosion is the evident of enormous footprints at local stores, movie theaters, places of interests, restaurants and other business premises.  With various In-app purchases available in the game, smart entrepreneurs are exploiting this fortune of the social buzz as they get to target potential customers in every Pokémon Go player who are flocking to find out new Pokestops and Gyms around their business hub.

Praise the Health Benefits

While most of the countries are celebrating this Pokémon Go desperation after the July 1st launch, it has also been part of few disasters like road accident in Japan and a lady finding a dead body in US while playing the game. Although we bet that the numbers of benefits are enough to outnumber such backlashes. Pokémon Go is acting as a social influencer to people dealing with depressions. It’s quite astonishing to find out how people from different walks of life are gradually driving the need to gather real life experience through this engaging game. Please don’t faint if your Chubby-cheeked friend invites you for an evening walk in the near park. It might just be for the fun of the game.

Today we are proud to be a part of Mr.Hanke’s endless struggle of 20 long years as he gifted us this funkiest GPS based gaming platform while he unveiled a new chapter in the AR universe. He became a billionaire overnight but it took 20 long years of endless efforts.