Power Packed PowerApps

How we can create the best mobile apps for your business using PowerApps!

Ever since the launch of smartphones, apps have become an integral part of our daily life. People want to get their jobs done on the move be it in phone, tablet or laptop. Choosing the most appropriate custom-built enterprise mobile app for your organization has never been an easy task. With all the third party tools available, it is hard to decide on the unique one to improve productivity and smooth engagement within your company given the budget a concern.

Fortunately, Microsoft PowerApps is best-suited to all the core features for delivering an easy-to-use enterprise mobile app starting from user purpose, data security, cross-platform device integration to the quality user experience. Gladly we are one such cutting-edge software solution company in USA, taking full advantage of this new piece of software for delivering line-of-business apps without writing code.

Darshan Desai, group program manager on the PowerApps team, stated: “Over 124,000 users from 46,000 organizations in 143 countries have created web and mobile apps using PowerApps.” Yes, that’s quite a number.

So, what’s in store for our clients when it comes to representing the industry-specific custom app to satisfy individual business needs in order to make sure that the time and money is worth investing for?

Integration of Multiple Platforms

For a large organization, one of the challenging factors is the integration between multiple platforms and applications. Due to the association of high cost being responsible for interface maintenance or lack of integration capability, tons of projects gets piled up. With PowerApps, you can now easily connect and control your business process using existing data sources like Office 365 Exchange data, Salesforce objects, Microsoft Translator, Azure SQL Database, MailChimp, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online records and so on. We also can create an app instantly using your unique data that you can share with your team as long as they also have access to the connected data sources.

Custom API

Stakeholders want their business process to be fast, scalable and iterative. To keep pace with the ‘innovation gap’, PowerApps gives us immense opportunity to explore its’ priced feature- Custom API. You will be amazed to see how the power of this versatile feature triggers the sense of creativity in every ongoing project while acting as a big time-saver. The mechanism works efficiently in support with authenticated platforms such as Azure, Active Directory, Google, OneDrive, Salesforce and Basic Authentication. This customization acts as a major influence on the employees at every level in any enterprise to access, process and control enterprise-generated data in a blink of an eye.

Mobile Communication

Are you stuck in-between a sales meeting at field and getting back to the office for sending cost estimation to your client all at once? We might have the solution for it, as they say, “there is an app for everything” in this age of technology. In such situations, PowerApps come in handy as it allows data accessibility from any given device at any point of time to strengthen consistent workflow.  PowerApps service runs on Azure and integrates with Azure, Active Directory, Azure App Service and Azure Media Services and Microsoft Flow.


Since PowerApps operates in a secured environment with a view and edit permission inbuilt, the enterprise manageability function perfectly syncs with the dynamic business process. It can definitely manage and control all API access- on-premise and Cloud-based services in a highly secured way. As a result, a huge scope for continuous growth in the business operation takes place within minimum time and cost.

The future of PowerApps in the cloud is crystal clear. We already are way too excited to create in-house power tools using PowerApps that is incorporated with our client’s back-end system solely dedicated to empowering business agility. We at TULI eServices are accelerating resourceful business solutions to our clients helping them gain the competitive edge to leverage next generation mobile and web technologies.