TULI eServices’ Pvt. Ltd. recent involvement with the re-launch of Autistic Society West Bengal

TULI eServices’ Pvt. Ltd. has been providing relevant technological support to organizations involved in philanthropic work for quite some time and most recently we helped to re-launch the website of Autistic Society of Bengal at WelcomArt Gallery (ITC Sonar).

testLaunch of the New Website (Image source: TULI eServices Pvt. Ltd.)

Inaugural ceremony accompanied by Indrani Basu, Mir, Wasim Kapoor (Image source: TULI eServices Pvt. Ltd.)

Role of Autism Society in West Bengal

Autism Society West Bengal takes an organized and humane approach to educate the masses about autism, rallies for the rights of autistic individuals and provides specialized support. The society was founded by Indrani Basu, a graduate in Education from London University. During her stint as a teacher in a school, both her sons were diagnosed with autism.

She founded a school in Kolkata called Dikshan which uses Verbal Behavior Analysis and Structure to provide individuals with the condition a better chance of learning and understanding the world. Her constant dedication towards creating a society more hospitable towards individuals with autism sees her as a resource person in multiple organizations and spearheading many research workshops all over the country.

Autism Society West Bengal is geared towards promoting the rights of people with autism to have an equal chance at survival in society by providing proper information, supporting families with autistic children, advocating the right to education, and to build assistive living facilities among other things.

The organization arranges workshops for parents to equip them better understand the individual needs of their children. A huge emphasis is given to organized activities and proper playtime activities which is a prominent factor in developing the cognitive faculties of a child with autism. Dikshan, the school, believes in culturing the unique characters of each child, catering to their patterns of social interaction and development. The school even organizes vocational courses for adults with autism. This noble endeavor is further extended to holding various art exhibitions showcasing the works of individuals with autism, emphasizing their unique aesthetic and imaginative potential.

New look of the Website Autism Society West Bengal (Image source: TULI eServices Pvt. Ltd.)

TULI eServices Pvt. Ltd. and Philanthropy

At TULI eServices, we take our social responsibility seriously. The company has been involved in providing a platform for small to mid-level Non-Profit organizations, both in India and the US, grasp a foothold in the World Wide Web and spread awareness about the various causes they support. Our most recent philanthropic project is the re-launch of the website of Autistic Society of West Bengal on World Autism Day, observed every year on 2nd April. We aided the re-launch of the website with an Art Exhibition ‘অ-Sadharon’ at WelcomArt Gallery (ITC Sonar) featuring the work of Abhishek Sarkar . The event was inaugurated by none other than celebrated artist Mr. Wasim Kapoor.

Abhishek Sarkar with his featured WelcomArt Gallery at ITC Sonar (Image source: TULI eServices Pvt. Ltd.)

TULI eServices team with Mir & Wasim Kapoor (Image source: TULI eServices Pvt. Ltd.)

TULI eServices team at the launch event (Image source: TULI eServices Pvt. Ltd.)

Our technological solutions for NGOs

The new website was developed by us highlighting important information regarding the truly altruistic work the organization does. It is important that such information is readily accessible to those who are in need of it, and we understand the potential of the web in the realization of such visions. Since the organization is based in Kolkata, an important feature of the site is that it’s bilingual – available in both English and Bengali, as we believe that localization leads to better inculcation of understanding and support.

We provide a comprehensive range of services for small and mid-level Non-Profit organizations whose visions align with ours to create a more accepting and aware society to live in. An important technological solution provided by TULI eServices is NPO 360- a fundraising and managing tool for NGOs. We also specialize in entity/ Non-Profit management, Event Management and Ticketing, Mobile Access and Training, Support and Maintenance of these ongoing projects.

Our clients include Srishti, based in Charlotte, North Carolina – a community of Bengali’s promoting an interest in vernacular literature, theatre and music away from home, ICCGS or Indian Community Centre of Garden State that preserves the essence of Indian religious, social and cultural unity in diversity in the US. We are also proud to have worked with Shrirampur Child Guidance Centre, an organization specializing in helping differently-abled children and Futbol for kids who’ve managed to make a ‘green ball’ or a football made from recycled materials.