Web Design & Development

A paradigm shift to your rewarding days through conceptual web applications, mobile apps design & development

Living in a world of cyberspace, you are in a world full of delusion if your business doesn’t have any worldwide presence yet. Embracing an online appearance is as valuable as sustaining an elated consumer-base. Having a user-friendly dynamic website with intuitive design and quality content is a blessing in this era. The impeccable synthesis of robust technology and picturesque web designs is the tool to your evolving business enrichment.

Take a stepping stone towards your never-ending accomplishment with TULI eServices. We are a prime web design and development enterprise with years of resourceful experience to boost your business in no time. Our agile web development and designing team ensures unique user experience for your website using futuristic technologies like Java, PHP, .NET, Python, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and many more. We craft seamless user experience with responsive web interface to create a platform for your affluent business model.

  • Web design and development for Non-Profits and NGOs
  • E-commerce solution for shopping website-Footwear and clothing
  • Web development and design service for AFMDA
  • Web-graphics design,development service done for our client Majans, a global renowned snacks company
  • Mobile app, web design, development, SEO service done for our client ENT and Allergy Associates

Software Development

A 360 degree Custom Software Development Solution
E-commerce solution for shopping website-Footwear and clothing

Miracles don’t take place daily. However, we take pride in creating such miracles for our clients every day, embracing agile software development that compliments their unique business process. We are exploring the power of industry specific Open Source and Microsoft Technologies to gear up your business in a brisk.

Our tailor-made development services act as a powerful weapon for your exclusive business operations with minimal cost and greater ROI. We design enterprise software development solutions to help business grow by providing industry-specific support for a broad range of industries while empowering productivity that synchronizes the core business system perfectly. Regardless of the size of your enterprise, we strive for constant excellence to create a dynamic platform through planning and implementing data-driven business management software that escalates your brand value.

Bespoken Database Development Services:
  • DB assessment and planning
  • DB design
  • Data migration
  • Legacy management
  • DB maintenance and support

Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development-The aura of multi-device platforms

Enriching the next-gen technology of mobile applications has become the essential tool for every individual enterprise in today’s virtual world. A groundbreaking technological innovation in the field of mobile app development can take your business to the top of the world. Take a giant leap with us to expand user engagement through custom mobile apps that exceed your brand identity beyond your imagination. Talking about this genre we must mention all the robust technologies that we excel which are: IOS, Android, PhoneGap, PowerApps and so on.

Our suite of custom Mobile App Development services include:

  • iOS App development
  • Android App Development
  • Mobile E-commerce
  • Mobile SEO
  • Mobile Payment
  • Mobile App Marketing & Advertising
  • Mobile Marketplace
  • User-friendly mobile app design and development service for Android and iOS
  • Mobile application development solution
  • Mobile app development-Android and iOS


Exclusive Digital Marketing Solutions: Create Awareness - Build Brands
SEO, digital marketing,social media marketing services

TULI eServices is a solution driven 360° Digital Marketing Agency leveraging best online marketing practices to focus towards increased user engagement for your website and consumer mobile apps. Our team of digital marketers and social media gurus identifies the online pulse of your business entity through a conceptualized internet marketing blueprint. This would accomplish utmost branding recognition and dominant brand positioning for your establishment.

  • SEO services
  • Web Analytics
  • Rich Link Building
  • Content Optimization through Keyword Research
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Display Advertising
  • Social Media Marketing

.Net Application / PowerApps / Xamarin / Sharepoint Development

Digital Transformation with Multi-device Application Platforms
.Net framework, PowerPoint, Xamarin, Sharepoint services

.Net Application Development

Solution-driven comprehensive programming model .Net application development paves the way to accelerate your enterprise by creating universal cross-platform server applications to generate native web, mobile and desktop application portfolio across multi-devices.

Web Application

  • Intuitive interface element for user and group management
  • Real-time communications and module web API for unlimited expandability
  • Intelligent caching mechanism and responsive UI to speed up your website
  • Free choice of C#, ASP.NET, SQL SERVER, Ajax, Jquery, web service, HTML and CSS frameworks
  • Responsive web design for mobile app development using .Net application by TULI eServices

    Responsive web design and platform independent

  • Support, maintenance for order report generation for Performance Outdoor Products by TULI eServices

    Support and maintenance for order report generation

  • Authorized payment gateway, bar-code scanner integration for project Performance Outdoor Products

    Authorized payment gateway and Bar-code scanner integration

  • Leveraging standardized frameworks like .NET Framework and C#

    Leveraging standardized frameworks: .NET Framework, C#

Desktop Application

  • Intranet-based share access module
  • Interoperability and Language independence
  • Cutting-edge graphics for attractive visual presentation
  • High-tech project management software: Data entry systems, Order processing systems, Accounting systems
  • Upgraded resource tracking and report generation system created through .Net application

    Upgraded resource tracking and report generation system

  • Advanced look-up system in project category used for desktop application using .Net framework

    Advanced look-up system: Project category

  • Prime workflow management system

    Prime workflow management system

  • Drag-drop button and filter option using .Net Application for dekstop

    Drag and Drop support, Filter option

  • Desktop application using .Net framework

    Technology integration: Microsoft Access, WPF, SQL server

Mobile Application Development Tools

Power-up your enterprise with cloud-based, user-interactive SaaS solutions like Xamarin and PowerApps to deliver best-in- class mobile apps built for multiple platforms on a shared database without even writing codes that let you connect to existing data source and services.


  • Responsive UI and API access
  • Cross-platform support for three major mobile platforms (Android, iOS and Windows)
  • Superior automated testing
  • Seamless language integration: C#


  • Mobilize legacy on-premises systems into great apps across devices
  • Multi-device interface: Mobile-Web-Desktop
  • Dynamic CRM
  • Secured Payment Gateway

Other tools to boost your business

Sharepoint (CRF)

  • Augmented document management and storage system
  • Centralized administration and built-in instant messaging
  • Advanced search functionality
  • Increased Business Intelligence solutions
  • Security and integrity

Salesforce (URJ)

  • Cloud-based CRM application can be integrated with asp.net web application for customized report generation
  • Manage end-to- end customer relationship in client-server platform
  • Practice management on a single database
  • Better time management and easy account planning
  • Tracking competitors and forecasting opportunities

SMS and MMS Mobile Marketing

Creative Brand Experience with Mobile Messaging Platform

Witness massive global reach and power of connectivity with our mobile marketing platform. SMS and MMS text messaging service strengthen the eternal relationship of your brand and the target audience. We highlight your promotional efforts in real-time with interactive, transaction-enabled messaging to create an instant impact on your business communication network. Our in-house technical experts also cater to full-range mobile campaigns beyond text messaging such as live streaming videos, customer support through live chat, contests and giveaways, product sales and promotions etc. We work hard with our strategic partner WeText and GoPrivi to deliver exclusive rich contents through all digital platforms, including two-way SMS and MMS text messaging.

Strategic SMS and MMS Messaging Services:

  • Two-way Communication
  • Event Tickets & RSVP
  • Digital Gift Cards, Promotions & Coupons
  • Vouchers & Merchandise Offers
  • Fundraising, Donations & Crowdsourcing
  • Contests, Voting & Polls
  • Audio Podcast & Video Live Streaming
  • Customer Surveys and Appointment Reminders
  • Emergency & Non-Emergency Alerts
  • Membership, Subscription & Fan Club
Sms and mms mobile application marketing services

Dedicated Resources

Engage right resources for quality work
Hire a dedicated resource & enjoy low cost and high turnover on your projects :
  • Dedicated engagement or Time & Material model
  • Professional with strong analytical skills
  • Programmers to code your imagination
  • Highly qualified Project Managers
  • Cost savings up to 60%
  • No hidden cost
  • No training cost
  • No infrastructural expenditure
  • Full ownership of work
  • 7 days free trial
Benefits of hiring resources from TULI eServices:
  • Finding right resources for quality work
  • Affordable cost solution
  • No Budget overruns
  • Expertise on latest technologies
  • Well maintained Infrastructure
  • Research & Development
  • Employee & Project Management
  • Employee Training
  • Quality Assurance
  • Confidentiality of Client Information

IT Consulting

Responding to your business needs

To enable success, TULI eServices helps to create strategies that would transform enterprises by aligning IT strategy and priorities to their business objectives. We deliver practical advice and fast-performing IT solutions by leveraging our industrial insight and unrivalled technology expertise both onshore and offshore.

  • Architecture and Technology
  • Master Data Management
  • Master Data Management Incorporates
  • Performance Engineering Solutions
Technology Consulting services
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