Trends to Follow for All E-Commerce Sites in 2016

Trends to follow for E-commerce Solution providersEver wondered how top-notch retailers gaining popularity over e-commerce industry over years? A well-thought out plan did all the magic for them. The same magic can be a game-changer for your e-commerce site without the help of any wizard.

Irrespective of their company size, they are no genius in outlining their exclusive business model. They just kept following the contemporary trends each year. Since we have over passed the first quarter of 2016, it’s high time to take a front row seat and follow these key trends to hit the ground.

The boon of rising M-commerce

USA, one of the biggest players in e-commerce industry are predicted to contribute 50% of US digital commerce revenue through increased M-commerce by 2017.

The increased In-app purchase and responsive mobile-friendly designs giving a push to smartphone usage and retail shopping on mobile initiating a win-win situation for both retailers and users.

Same day delivery is the icing on the cake

Faster order fulfilment with multiple options and same day dispatch will be the key focus area for retailers in 2016.

Big-shot e-tailer, Amazon has already launched ‘prime now’ service (a free 2 hour delivery from early morning to late evening 7 days a week) to its users, facilitating enhanced personalized user experience.

The adoption of this “in-the-moment“ style of advertisement will boost many SME e-tailors in the long run along with other big fish in the industry.

Putting an end to Omnichannel challenges

“85% of online shoppers start a purchase on one device and finish on another (Source: Google).”

Since the majority of user’s buying experience reflects the fact that they are likely to complete their purchase on multiple devices, e-tailers must redesign their online campaign to take full leverage of mobile, desktop and tablet to cash in on online sales.

The awakening of Beacon technology

Special thanks to a small device called Beacon for creating a vision for retailers to gather in-depth integrated consumer information through a tiny device to track down the exact customer location and send promotional messages to their devices to lure their purchasing decision in a large scale. The “In-store digital” is making a bridge between online and offline technology enabling a proximity-based marketing eventually resulting in customized brand experience.

The hour of Online Loyalty programs

We all love gifts. What’s more exciting is, it comes free for many frequent purchasers. Online loyalty programs are connecting both the world of e-tailers and consumers creating a consumer-centric experience of added-value for money. This business strategy will act as a catalyst to umpteen retailers this competitive edge of 2016.

“83% of customers agree that loyalty programs make them more likely to continue doing business with certain companies.”

Making Fraud prevention consumer centric

Doesn’t it feel awful to be cheated while purchasing your favorite pair of LBD with your hard-earned money? Even Online fraud counts for a devastating impact on the profitability of e-commerce investments. This season retailers are trying their best to put an end to fraudulent transaction denial rate with the help of anti-fraud systems like multi-payment channel options, e-bay enterprise, signifyd, AVS(address verification system) etc.

The borderless web and multiplying consumer-base are broadening the horizon of influential online experience for shoppers and bringing good fortune to retailers in the universe of e-commerce. So, let’s bookmark these amazing e-commerce trends in 2016 and get down to business. Break a leg.